12-14 GIUGNO 2017
Università degli Studi di Siena
Centro Didattico Policlinico S.Maria alle Scotte

A. Antinori, Roma     A. De Luca, Siena     M. Zazzi, Siena



ICAR 2017 Opening Session

Introducing ICAR 2017
A. Antinori (Roma), A. Chirianni (Napoli), A. De Luca (Siena), M. Zazzi (Siena)
Authorities’ welcome addresses
“RaccontART HIV” contest Awards

Opening Lectures

Mauro Moroni Memorial Lecture
The HIV cell reservoir and future perspectives in HIV functional cure
Giuseppe Pantaleo (Lausanne, CH)
HIV infection and migrants in Europe: mortality, disparities and access to care
Julia Del Amo Valero (Madrid, E)
ICAR-CROI Awards 2017 for young Italian HIV investigators

Special Session - The long way of HIV/AIDS across the Institutions

Universal treatment access and pharmacologic innovation in HIV and HCV: two faces for an institutional plan
Stefano Vella (Roma)
The HIV/AIDS National Plan of the Italian Ministry of Health
Massimo Galli (Milano)

Keynote Lectures

One size does not fit all: tailoring services on the needs of the specific target
Ferenc Bagyinszky (Berlin, D)
Host-microbiota cross-talk in humans: examples from bifidobacteria as key gut commensals
Marco Ventura (Parma)

Symposium - Future therapeutic strategies in HIV and HBV

HBV infection: managing the present, looking at the future
Maurizia Brunetto (Pisa)
Dual therapy: starting from rationale, reaching clinical evidence
Massimo Andreoni (Roma)
Long-acting drugs: a pathway to future cART?
Stefano Bonora (Torino)

Symposium - Self-care in HIV and HCV: emerging issues and criticisms

Is self-testing in HIV a keystone to achieve the first 90 target? The UK experience
Alison Rodger (London, UK)
HIV self-testing in Italy: from the experience to new possible protecting models
Michele Breveglieri (Bologna)
London’s buyer clubs: understanding the main and critical issues both in HIV (PrEP) and HCV
Andrew Hill (Liverpool, UK)
Picturing the transition from self-medication to universal access to HCV drugs in Italy
Ivan Gardini (Vimercate, MB)

Symposium - New challenges in virus-associated lymphomas

Epidemiology, clinical aspects and treatment of HIV-related lymphomas
Mark Bower (London, UK)
Management of HCV-related non-Hodgkin lymphomas in the era of DAAs
Luca Arcaini (Pavia)
The role of HIV and related immune dysregulation on lymphoma emergence and prognosis
Alessandra Bandera (Monza)

Keynote Lecture

What an ID doctor should know to prevent CV events in HIV infected patients?
Priscilla Hsue (San Francisco, USA)

Symposium - HIV cure: State of art

Animal models in discovering the way to HIV cure
Guido Silvestri (Atlanta, USA)
Myeloid cells as active reservoir of HIV
Guido Poli (Milano)
How the immune system can be elicited to prevent and cure HIV/AIDS
Mario Clerici (Milano)
Advances in therapies leading to HIV eradication Francesco
R. Simonetti (Milano)

Symposium ICAR-SIMIT-AISF - HCV: new waves, new horizons?

Virological and clinical network for the management of DAA failures in Italy
Francesca Ceccherini-Silberstein (Roma)
HCV and HCC: the role of DAA in clinical management
Erica Villa (Modena)
HCV beyond the liver
Giovanni Battista Gaeta (Napoli)
What is the value of therapeutic HCV clearance in the individual patient?
Gloria Taliani (Roma)

Symposium - PrEPing today: critical issues and challenges

Women and PrEP: evidences and perspectives
Laura Sighinolfi (Ferrara)
Implementing PrEP in clinical practice: The Paris experience
Alexandre Aslan (Paris, F)
PrEP & AIDES: l’expérience de la première association française de lutte contre le VIH/sida
Francesca Belli (Paris, F)
How information technology could help in implementing PrEP
Silvia Nozza (Milano)
ICAR Special Awards
Chairs: A. Antinori (Roma), A. De Luca (Siena), M. Zazzi (Siena)
Closing remarks
A. Antinori (Roma), A. De Luca (Siena), M. Zazzi (Siena)